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November '08
Sopwith Motorsports Concludes Testing
Cap Henry Season Review
Moose Starts Testing for 41st Annual Snowball Derby

October '08
Darlington's Historic Racing Festival

June '08
Scion tC Update
Scion tC Update
Moose earing Rookie Stripes
Moose behind the Mobile International Speedway pace car and the leader board with the Moose first on lap 96. Note: There was a heavy dew in the air and the spotter was lobbying track officials hard that it was a torrential downpour and the race needed to be halted.
04.12.11 - Moose Wows at Double Duty Practice

      Thomas Praytor Mobile 4-9-11: After a rookie experience in the Miller Lite Super Late Model two weeks ago the Moose was looking forward to the friendly feel of his Legend Cellars Pro-Late Model "Christine". The Moose qualified 5th, serving notice that the goal this weekend was not to just make 100 laps but to race up front and contend for the win. With the drop of the green flag the Moose quickly settled into the top 5 and started logging laps. This years 100 lap races don't allow tire changes so the 4 tires you start with are the 4 tires you have to finish with, tire conservation is important. The first 40 laps were uneventful until a spin brought the first caution. "We were just making laps the first 40 laps. Our Legend Cellars Fusion was pretty good but it was starting to get a little tight off the corner. After the caution it was a lot tighter and by the time we got to lap 70 I was in trouble," offered Thomas. After the first caution the Moose kept pace but he was now using up too much of his car to make it happen. On lap 76 the Moose was racing on the outside groove in 3 and 4 when he ran out of real estate coming off turn 4. A hard left turn to stay off the wall sent the Moose on a sideways slide down the front stretch. Fortunately Christine didn't hit anything and we were able to stay in the race. The Moose was in the race but hanging on was an understatement. Not only was his car used up, it now had flat spotted tires-4 tire race meant there would be no changing tires and the Moose would be doing his Fred Flinstone imitation for the closing laps. With less than 30 to go, the field was getting racey and we didn't have anything left to race with. Since we were at the back, we decided to give the front of the field a little room and just bring home a whole racecar make it better and come back again. It didn't take long for that move to pay off as the cautions came often.

After a few cautions the Moose had a chance to cool his tires and we started counting the cars we felt we better than. Our strategy changed from bring it home to lets get back in there and try to get a top 5. On lap 96 the Moose was up to 4th and the field took the green flag, the front row started wrecking off of 4. The Moose made a nice move to the outside, kept the hammer down as the carnage ensued behind him. New leader, the Moose. We had gone from just finishing, to running in the top 5, to the leader. While we didn't have anything left David Jones and DJ VanderLey did. Both had survived the wreck fest but because they had problems were behind the Moose. Holding them off for 4 laps was going to be tough. Green flag, Moose held his own but his car was junk, caution. Restart # 2 Moose holds his own again but now his car is really junk, caution. Restart #3 Moose holds his own but Jones and VanderLey have seen the Moose's doesn't have anything left and they get by with Jones going on to win. "All we ever ask for is a chance to win and we were in the right spot but we just didn't have anything left. Congratulations to Mr. David (Jones) big win for them, really proud of our team everyone has had to step up their game going form a Saturday night team to 100-lap team. We've been 40 lap racing for a long time and making our cars last 100 is tough, we're gaining on it. I'm looking forward to taking Christine to Pensacola in a couple of weeks."

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