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November '08
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June '08
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Scion tC Update
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The car owned jointly with Rick Crawford was delivered a few weeks ago.
05.02.08 - Moose to drive in Final Destination 4 Movie

      Mobile, AL The Moose will be one of the drivers for the racing sequences of Final Destination 4. The 4th installment of the Final Destination franchise will be filming at Mobile International Speedway starting on May 21st. The Speedway was chosen by New Line Cinema for the opening sequence of the 4th chapter of the popular Final Destination movies. With over 300 million in box office receipts, the Final Destination trilogy has been a hit with the under 30 crowd since itís first premonition. For those not familiar with the movies, each movie starts with a premonition of a disaster and people being saved by the premonition. But you canít cheat death and death spends the rest of the movie tracking down those who were saved or thought they were. In Final Destination 4 the premonition starts the movie at a racetrack. An open casting call for extras is being held at the Civic Center this Saturday from 11-2.

Filming will culminate on May 31st during our annual Ronald McDonald House Fund Raiser. The race time has been moved from 8:00 PM to 3:00 PM to accommodate the film crew. The Speedway has created a special limited edition ticket for the 31st and they are on pre-sale now at McConnell Automotive, Fausak Tires, Bob's Speed Shop and Praytor's Collectibles. In addition to the Moose driving in the movie Max Force Racing has been preparing cars for the movie. A car owned jointly with Rick Crawford was delivered a few weeks ago and the car pictured above will be picked up this week. We will deliver another car next week.

Thomas: "This is a really cool deal. I met one of the directors and the stunt coordinator a couple of weeks ago. Mr. Jeff (Danshaw, stunt coordinator) was really nice, he was Steven Segal's stunt double in Under Siege. I tried to tell him the stunts he wants to do I've done without really trying. It's going to be an awesome way to start the Summer."

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