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The Moose
The Moose shares a laugh with track announcer Dave Pavlock during post race interview following the GSA super Stock Spectacular.
06.27.07 - GSA Finance Super Stock

      Pensacola, FL - The competition on a regular Friday night at Pensacola's Five Flags Speedway is pretty stiff, jack up the purse, add some laps and your going to draw a crowd. Friday night's GSA Finance Super Stock Spectacular did just that. The field took on a Snowball Derby look as drivers converged on 5 Flags Speedway from, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, and Georgia. Heat races normally set the starting lineup at Pensacola but for the GSA Super Stock Spectacular the field was set by 2 laps of qualifying. Halfway through his rookie season at 5 Flags the Moose has lots of laps but had only qualified 1 other time. With a fresh set of Hoosier tires the Moose turned in a 7th place qualifying effort and he would start behind a pair of track champions.

With the drop of the green flag the Moose was on the move, tucked in behind 3-time track champion and Snowball Derby winner, Donnie Hamrac, the pair were working their way to the front. The first few laps were filled with cautions as the field sorted out. By lap 5 the Moose was up to 5th and by lap 10 he was 3rd and the top 3 were putting some distance on the rest of the field. Hamrac had a comfortable lead with Chris Cotto and the Moose in tow. At the halfway point the Moose had a shot at Cotto but couldn't make the pass. As the race wore on the Moose was falling back from the front pair and into the clutches of 4th place, Mike Moore. Moore tried to pass on the inside got loose and sent he and the Moose into a sideways slide off of turn 2. Somehow, both drivers regained control of their cars and kept going without a caution. The incident bunched the field back up and in the closing laps the Moose was able to hold everyone off for 3rd. In post race inspection, the team found the culprits for the Moose slowing down in the closing laps. The rear end gear was burnt up and well on its way to seizing up, another lap or 2 would have done it in. The other culprit, 2 sparkplug wires were lying against the header pipes and had burned through. Lady luck shined again on the Moose allowing him to retain the point's lead in Pensacola.

Thomas on his night: "It was pretty wild out there tonight, I think I bounced off just about every car but the pace car. I thought we might have something for Mr. Chris (Cotto) but our car just started bogging down and it just wouldn't go. We found the problem after the race and we got lucky again."