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SFI Flame-Retardant Balaclavas shown above
Part Number #4112
Layer Options 1L1 2L1 2L2
Rating SFI 3.3 | TPP 10+
Racer Net Price #1L1 BK,BU,RD

#1L1 NT


#2L1 NT


#2L2 NT
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SFI Flame-Retardant Balaclava

      The G-FORCE Racing Gear SFI flame-retardant Balaclavas are the softest and most comfortable head socks on the market today. Made from an innovative soft knit CoolTec Nomex® material, our balaclava gives the driver or crewmember hypoallergenic coverage with a soft texture feel and a minimum TPP rating of 10. The balaclavas are available in single or double layer. Single layer balaclava comes with one large eyeport. The double layered balaclavas are available in single or duel eye port versions.

NOTE: It is highly reccommended
that you add a balaclava for
additional protection while racing.