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Flame-Retardant Underwear shown above
Part Number #4160 - Top
#4161 - Bottom
Rating SFI 3.3 | TPP 11
Racer Net Price #4160 SML-XLG

#4160 XXL

#4161 SML-XLG

#4161 XXL
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Nomex® Underwear

      Flame-retardant underwear is essential for providing the last line of defense in a fire. The extra layer of flame retardant material is an item that no driver should ever have to use, but, if you need it, you will be glad you have it. The soft knit is hypoallergenic and more comfortable on the skin that the old standby. The double stitching provides added durability.

NOTE: It is highly reccommended that you
add a layer of underwear to all suits
(especially any single-layer suit)
for any additional protection.